About Us

We started serving Moldovian, Eastern European home style food since 1999 and we are the only place in the neighbourhood who follow the authentic recipes.

Our Speciality

Our best-sellers are Kishnev, Borscht, Kiev cutlet, mititei and mamaliga and we also offer mouth watering Golubtzi and Dolma. Charcoal kebobs are also a hit. We serve import wines and spirits.

Appetizers (zakuski) have a special place in East European cuisine – one can almost have an entire meal, made exclusively of appetizers. And when it comes to this part of the menu – we, at Moldova Restaurant, do it right.Herring with Potatoes, Pickled vegetables , Assorti “Meat”, Olivie, – these are just a few of the delicious items we serve..

Our menu has delicious dishes from authentic Russian, Moldavian, Romanian, and Ukrainian cuisines. We await you with our family-friendly atmosphere, great service, and delicious healthy food. All dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients, making Moldova famous for its extensive selection of homemade soups.

We invite you to come visit and have a great time.